IPS Empress CAD


IPS Empress CAD

IPS Empress CAD is a leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic block for the CAD/CAM technology.

IPS Empress CAD is suitable for the fabrication of highly esthetic monochromatic single-tooth restorations, such as veneers, inlays, onlays, anterior and posterior crowns. With its homogeneity and light scattering behavior, IPS Empress provides a balanced chameleon effect. In addition to the light-optical properties, IPS Empress CAD restorations are distinguished for their lifelike translucency, high esthetics, and a flexural strength of 160 MPa.

HT Blocks

The IPS Empress CAD HT blocks with high translucency are mainly used for the milling of smaller restorations (e.g. inlays), due to their lifelike chameleon effect.

LT Blocks

Thanks to their chroma and brightness value, the blocks with lower translucency (LT) are ideally suitable for the fabrication of larger restorations (e.g. partial crowns, crowns).

Multi Blocks

The polychromatic IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks are the highlight of the IPS Empress CAD range of products. Given their true-to-nature shade and fluorescence transition between the dentin and the incisal areas, they provide restorations with a maximum of esthetics and lifelike appearance even without characterization.

IPS Empress CAD blocks can be milled in the Ivoclar Vivadent PrograMill One, the CEREC System (Sirona) and Planmeca FIT System (E4D Technologies).

IPS e.max CAD – The highlights

  • Twenty years of clinical experience with more than 40 million seated restorations
  • Leucite glass-ceramic (160 MPa) for exceptional esthetics
  • Comprehensive shade and size range for every patient situation
  • Choice of true-to-nature chameleon effect, lifelike brightness value or natural shade gradient
  • Polishing with OptraFine – no glazing necessary
  • Veneers
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Anterior and posterior crowns