IPS e.max ZirCAD


IPS e.max ZirCAD

IPS e.max ZirCAD is the zirconium oxide solution for high mechanical strength and high esthetics

IPS e.max ZirCAD provides an option to process zirconium oxide easily and quickly by means of the speed sintering procedure that leads to esthetically pleasing results. The IPS e.max ZirCAD LT blocks are pre-shaded and monochromatic for monolithic crowns and 3-unit bridges. The high strength of IPS e.max ZirCAD permits thin wall thicknesses (posterior crowns occlusal and/or central fissure 0.6 mm, anterior crowns 0.4 mm) and tooth structure-preserving preparation. Moreover, the restorations can be seated using conventional and self-adhesive cementation, e.g. with self-adhesive resin cement SpeedCEM® Plus.

IPS e.max ZirCAD blocks can be milled in the Ivoclar Vivadent PrograMill One, the CEREC System (Sirona) and Planmeca FIT System (E4D Technologies).

IPS e.max ZirCAD – the highlights

  • High mechanical strength (850 and 1,200 MPa*)
  • Requires low wall thickness to preserve natural tooth structure
  • High esthetics with pre-shaded, low translucency options
  • Can be characterized with IPS e.max CAD Crystall materials
  • Full-contour crowns in the anterior and posterior region
  • Full-contour 3 unit bridges in the anterior and posterior region

IPS e.max – all ceramic - all you need

IPS e.max is the only all-ceramic material to combine lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and zirconium oxide ceramic in one system. IPS e.max thus covers the entire range of all-ceramic indications. More all-ceramics, more choice, more IPS e.max.

* Mean biaxial flexural strength depending on the translucency, R&D Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein